INDOT's Traffic Wise updates road conditions for motorists
Tuesday, 24 December 2013 14:50

TrafficWise is an INDOT program that uses Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to relieve traffic congestion and improve safety.

The Statewide TrafficWise traveler information webpage includes updated reports for all State Roads, U.S. highways and Interstates across Indiana. Motorists can learn about traffic conditions, road closures, construction information, and crashes by clicking here or calling 1-800-261-ROAD (7623).


TrafficWise also includes real-time traffic data and camera views of traffic conditions in the Indianapolis metropolitan area and Northwest Indiana. This information enables motorists to review current traffic conditions on freeways before leaving their home or workplace. Real-time traffic in Southern Indiana in the Louisville, Ky. metropolitan area is also available via TRIMARC.



As part of the ITS system, Indiana’s metropolitan interstates include large Dynamic Message Signs which provide current information regarding traffic conditions, crashes, lane or highway closures, or alternate routes, if necessary. Look for these signs to ensure smooth traveling. Other ITS communication tools are traffic alerts via the Highway Advisory Radio system and notices sent via the Internet or smart phone.


Hoosier Helpers

Hoosier Helpers is the INDOT freeway service patrol designed to provide an extra measure of safety on Indiana Interstates in and around Indianapolis, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Indiana, near Louisville, Ky. The program’s main objective is to keep traffic moving. Hoosier Helpers are INDOT personnel who patrol freeways in vans or trucks to help stranded motorists, remove debris from roadways, or summon help quickly in case of a crash, vehicle fire or other emergency. Hoosier Helpers can change a tire, supply enough fuel to get you to a service station, fix a minor mechanical problem, and get you help for the problems they can't solve.
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