Town of Winamac to apply for OCRA grant for water project
Thursday, 08 June 2017 01:26

WINAMAC - The Town of Winamac will apply for a $550,000 OCRA (Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs) grant for its proposed $1 million water project.

Grant administrator Mike Kleinpeter informed the town council at a public hearing Monday night (June 5) that the letter of intent has to be submitted to OCRA by July 7, and the final application is due Sept. 1.

The town plans to drill two new wells to meet state requirements of updating the wellhead protection plan. The town's current wells, in use since the late 1890s, are functioning well and pump more than a million gallons per year. But they use the same aquifer which poses some safety issues.

If the OCRA grant is awarded, the town will need to provide funding for the remaining balance of the water project.

Mark Sullivan of Midwestern Engineers discussed the current well field and said a meeting the week of June 19 with Peerless Midwest is being scheduled to review the findings of the well. Costs of the two wells, land acquisition and an environmental study were discussed. Midwestern Engineers will be contracting with Green 3 for the environmental documents.


Regular Council Meeting:

Following the public hearing on the water project, the town council met in regular session for its June meeting.

Josh Wilder spoke on behalf of the Power From the Past. The organization would like to take its saws to the park on a Friday afternoon until Saturday and split wood before the power show in July. The council gave its approval.

The cost for the Independence Day fireworks display this year is $5,200. To date, donations are $5,166.

Clerk-Treasurer Melanie Berger discussed with the council the LIT Levy Freeze distribution for 2017 from the county. This year, the town will not be receiving almost $95,000 in the general budget. More discussion will follow next month.

Berger reported Motor Vehicle Highway and Local Road and Street revenues will increase this year, then decrease in 2018 and slowly increase over the next few years. The council discussed a resolution authorizing the investment of public funds pursuant to Indiana Code § 5-13-9-5. The council then voted to adopt the resolution.  


Department Reports:

Fire department chief Brian Guzman reported to the council the department had 25 first responder runs in May, three fires, one meeting, one business meeting and two accidents. The department would like to add Austin Gould and Michael Stoll to the roster. The council voted to approve Austin Gould and Michael Stoll to the Winamac Volunteer Fire Department. Total membership is now 18.

Water and Street superintendent Jeremy Beckner was not able to attend the meeting. By way of the town manager, a printout of duties for last month was provided to the council.

Wastewater foreman Waylon Burke also was not able to attend the meeting. Town manager Brad Zellers reported the department is helping with the construction work being done at the police station, installed two catch basins in front of One Eyed Jacks, and continues with daily duties at the wastewater plant.

Town Marshal Mike Buchanan provided his written monthly statistics. The police department is patrolling by bicycle at the park. Buchanan reported that all of the officers have qualified with their rifles and fire arms. He wanted to publicly thank the Monticello Police Department, as it provided the facilities and training at no charge to the Town of Winamac. Council member Judy Heater asked if more patrol could be done at the artesian well as there is activity after midnight in that area.

Electric superintendent Doug Shorter reported his department removed some trees, and replaced poles and transformers. The three-phase is complete to CR100 South. The department continues to work at the police station, and switched the power at Dollar General.


Town Manager’s Report:

  • A new business in town has requested that a parking space in front of the business be used only for a delivery vehicle. The council opposed this request.
  • INDOT is offering a 75% road grant with 25% matching funds. After reviewing the asset management plan, the town may apply this year.
  • The Community Foundation of Pulaski County’s grant application will be submitted this week.


Under old business, town attorney Justin Schramm discussed with the council that the park board and the town council should enter into a contract so the park manager would be managed through the town manager. Schramm will prepare a resolution.

During council discussion, Council member Judy Heater asked about the signs for Head Start children crossing and no parking sign. The no parking sign was installed last month and the children crossing signs are on order.