Extension Homemakers hold 92nd annual meeting
Monday, 12 June 2017 00:19

The Pulaski County Extension Homemakers held their 92nd annual meeting and recognition program June 5, at the Presbyterian Church, Winamac. 

The Homemaker of the Year award was presented to Diane Gerlach of the Nite Liters EH Club.

Additional annual awards were given as follows:

Behind the Scenes - Kathy Lucy from Nite Liters EH EH Club

Community Service Award - Patchwork Pals EH Club

Club with Most New Members - Extension Chords EH Club

Club with Most Guests Who Attended Club - Nite Liters EH Club

100% attendance of members within their clubs was also recognized.


2017-18 officers were also installed:

County Officers: President: Lenora Hoover; Vice President: Pat Walden; Second Vice President: Karen Good; Secretary: Jean Rife; Treasurer: Marcia Link and Advisor: Julie Kasten

Club Presidents: Country Friends - Karen Good; Extension Chords - Winnie  Heims; Gingham Pals - Sue Nies; Nite Liters - Kay Foerg Jackson; and Patchwork Pals - Holly VanDerAa.

A carry-in dinner preceded the annual meeting, after which Rev. Wanda Carter entertained the group with a  motivation talk entitled “Shining on Talent.”                                      

The program closed with everyone turning on their complimentary flashlights while a motivational poem was read. Door prizes were distributed, and the meeting adjourned.