McClure elected commissioner to complete Krohn's term
Tuesday, 29 August 2017 23:42

Mike McClure of Star City has been elected from among nine candidates to serve as Pulaski County Commissioner from the third district.

McClure was selected in two ballots during a county Republican Party Caucus that lasted about an hour Monday evening. Over 50 persons attended the event.

McClure will fill the remaining term of Bud Krohn Jr. who resigned his seat Aug. 2 due to health issues. The seat will be up for election next year.

Pulaski County Republican Party chairman Daniel Murphy gave the oath of office to McClure following the caucus, and the new commissioner will take his seat at the county commissioners' next meeting Sept. 5.

Twelve of 15 electors, who are the 15 precinct committeemen from the county's 15 voting districts, voted in the caucus.

The caucus lasted about an hour at the Pulaski County Public Library in Winamac. All the candidates waived the option to have a chosen sponsor speak for two minutes on the candidate's behalf. Each candidate had the opportunity to give a three-minute presentation.

The other eight candidates who filed for the office were:

  • Jim Gould of Star City
  • Tyler Campbell of Winamac
  • Joe Moyer of Star City
  • Douglas Roth of Winamac
  • Eugene "Gene"Clark of Winamac
  • Daniel Vanaman of Winamac
  • Raymond Franko of Winamac
  • Alex Haschel of Winamac

The commissioners' Third District includes Harrison, Indian Creek, Monroe, and Van Buren townships.

In accordance with state law, the winning candidate must receive 50 percent or more of the vote. If that does not happen on the first ballot, the candidate with the least votes will be dropped, and a second voted will be taken. If needed, this will continue until a candidate with the required 50 percent or more is elected.

Pulaski County's 15 precinct committeemen are George Peters (Beaver), Elaine Parish (Cass), Kenneth Boswell (Franklin), Betty Stinemetz (Harrison), Teresa Bryant (Indian Creek), John Fritz (Jefferson), Christi Hoffa (Monroe 1), Judy Heater (Monroe 2), Lorena "Holly" VanDerAa (Monroe 3), Justin Schramm (Monroe 4), Blair Todd (Rich Grove), Linda Bennett (Salem), Doug Klausing (Tippecanoe), Lenora Hoover (Van Buren) and Patricia Tiede (White Post).