Rep. Walorski visits Galfab in Winamac
Monday, 23 October 2017 14:33

U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind. 2) recently visited Galfab’s Winamac headquarters to tour the waste equipment manufacturer’s facilities and congratulate the company on its recent employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) restructuring.

Ben Scheiner, Galfab vice president of manufacturing, provided Walorski with a close-up look at the company’s hoist production process. A roundtable discussion followed where Galfab employees talked about pertinent issues with Rep. Walorski, including employee retention, tax reform, and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Walorski observed, “Indiana’s 2nd District is the leading manufacturing district in the country, and businesses like Galfab in Winamac are vital to our local economy. I appreciated the opportunity to visit Galfab and learn more about how employee stock ownership plans empower workers to invest in their own future.”

Scheiner added. “We’re very proud of Galfab’s new ESOP structure and the ownership opportunity it provides for our over 150 employees. Rep. Walorski’s visit was very much appreciated and reinforces our decision to provide this truly unique benefit that will help ensure Galfab’s future growth and success.”


About Galfab

Galfab, based in Winamac, Indiana and Phoenix, Arizona, is a leading manufacturer of cable roll-off hoists, single axle hook hoists, open top roll-off containers, packer receiver containers, front and rear load containers, self-contained compactors, self-dumping hoppers, and various other products for transportation in the garbage and scrap industry. For additional information, please visit