Winamac Town Council prepares for new garbage pick-up bidding
Friday, 24 November 2017 20:02

WINAMAC - The Winamac Town Council discussed preparations for bidding a new garbage pick-up contract next year, and heard updates on the new restroom project on the Winamac Parkway and progress on the new police department at its regular monthly meeting Nov. 13.

Town manager Brad Zellers also reported on plans to apply for a grant to obtain new decorative light poles for downtown.

Pulaski County Coroner John Behny and deputy coroner Jon Frain appeared before the council to ask if members had reached a decision about allowing the coroner's office to  use the office space coming available at the town's municipal utility complex. Electric superintendent Doug Shorter told the council his department would like to keep the space for the electric department. It was decided that at this time, the office space will remain the electric department.

Bids were opened for a new pole digger truck for the electric department and were as follows: Weirs International, $267,530; Utility Truck Equipment, 258,960; and Altec, $237,790. Town manager Zellers and electric superintendent Doug Shorter will compare bids and decide which one to purchase.

The council voted to approve claim docket Oct. 27 as presented in the amount of $67,676, and claim docket Nov. 13 in the amount of $573,002.


Town Manager’s Report:

Town manager Brad Zellers reported on the following:

  • The pad is poured for the new restrooms downtown. The rest will be finished in the spring after the walls are up and the roof is on.
  • Seven ADA intersections and some sidewalk work were done with the leftover money from the INDOT grant last year.
  • The Town’s current grant writer is working on a grant from OCRA (Office of Community & Rural Affairs) to do the ammonia project at the wastewater treatment plant. Zellers also plans to apply for a grant to obtain new light poles downtown.
  • Zellers is ready to start advertising and accept bids for mowing the cemetery next year. He is possibly going to bid it out as a set price per mowing instead of a price for the entire year which has been done previously.
  • It is time to start putting information together for the garbage bid. The town’s contract with Advanced Disposal is up next year.
  • The town manager asked for permission to pay a claim in the amount of $7,000 payable to Glen White for concrete work completed. The council voted 3-1 to approve the claim.


Clerk-Treasurer’s Report:

A report submitted by clerk-treasurer Melanie Berger covered the following:

  • Ordinance #11 of 2017, Ordinance Regulating Golf Carts was submitted to the council. The council voted to adopt the ordinance, as presented.
  • Ordinance #12 of 2017, Ordinance Establishing a Community Crossings Grant Fund for the Receipt of a Sum Certain from the Indiana Department of Transportation was submitted to the council. The council voted to adopt the ordinance, as presented.
  • Ordinance #13 of 2017, Ordinance Amending Monthly Water Rates and Charges for the Use and Services Rendered by the Waterworks of the Town of Winamac, Indiana was submitted to the council for a first reading.
  • Ordinance #14 of 2017, Ordinance Amending the Ordinance Establishing Salaries and Wages of Employees was submitted to the council for a first reading.
  • Deputy Clerk Kim Burke asked the council for permission to purchase a public alert subscription from Softline Data. The cost is $1,250 per year for 16,000 alerts. The cost will be split by all four departments. Discussion was held regarding how alerts can be received and what type of information the town can alert the residents about. The council voted to purchase the subscription.


Department Reports:

Water and street department superintendent Jeremy Beckner reported his department continues to pick up brush and leaves; has flushed and winterized fire hydrants; has fixed two water leaks; has put the salt box on; has run water line for new restrooms downtown and continues to locate for the fiber optics being installed.

Town Marshall Mike Buchanan presented the police department's monthly statistical report. The new Town of Winamac reserve officers, Alec Berger and Sheri Gaillard have been working and attending training with the department.

Electric superintendent Doug Shorter reported his department has been replacing poles; helped contractors at the Nazarene Church rebuild its service; worked at the new police station; and will set up Christmas decorations this month. The contractors might start boring on Decker and Terrace drive this month for the electric rebuild.

Wastewater foreman Waylon Burke reported his department has completed a lot of concrete work at the new Police station; switched clarifiers; had the vac truck repaired; spent two days working on the new restrooms downtown; has been locating for fiber optic crew; fixed several sewer lines including the one at the new police station that was not buried deep enough; helped work at the police station and did some landscaping around the police station.