Candidate filing for 2018 Indiana Primary closes
Sunday, 14 January 2018 02:01

Candidate filing for the 2018 Indiana Primary Election closed at 12 noon, Friday (Feb. 9).

Pulaski County offices up for election are circuit court judge, superior court judge, prosecutor, clerk of the circuit court, sheriff, assessor, coroner, surveyor, county commissioner District 3, and county council Districts 1-4.

Town clerk seats in Winamac and Francesville will be up for election, along with seats on the town councils.

In addition, local candidates may also file for township offices (trustees, advisory boards, precinct committees) and as delegates to the state conventions of the Democrat and Republican parties.

The Indiana Primary Election will be Tuesday, May 8. Voter registration for the Primary ends Monday, April 9. (Voter registration for the November General Election will re-open May 22.)

The following state-wide offices will be elected in 2018 in Indiana:

  • Indiana Secreatary of State
  • Indiana Treasurer
  • Indiana Auditor

All Indiana General Assembly representatives will be up for election, including the Dist. 16 seat (now held by Doug Gutwein - R) which represents Pulaski County.

One U.S. Senate seat for Indiana is up for election in 2018.

Indiana's congressional delegation, all up for election, are:

  • Representative Peter J. Visclosky (D - 01)
  • Representative Jackie Walorski (R - 02)
  • Representative Jim Banks (R - 03)
  • Representative Todd Rokita (R - 04) (running for U.S. Senate)
  • Representative Susan W. Brooks (R - 05)
  • Representative Luke Messer (R - 06) (running for U.S. Senate)
  • Representative Andre Carson (D - 07)
  • Representative Larry Bucshon (R - 08)
  • Representative Trey Hollingsworth (R - 09)

For more information on the 2018 elections, contact the Pulaski County Clerk 's office at 946-3313. Election information may also be found at the Indiana Secretary of State website:


Candidate Filings as of closing at 12 noon, Friday, Feb. 9:


Pulaski County Sheriff:

Jeffrey Richwine (R)


Pulaski County Clerk of the Circuit Court:

Christina Hoffa (R)


Pulaski County Assessor:

Lorena "Holly" VanDerAa (R)


Pulaski County Coroner:

Alan S. Mitchell (R)

John R. Behny (R)


Pulaski County Surveyor:

Jenny Weaver-Keller (D)


Pulaski County Commissioner, Dist. 3:

John "Mike" McClure (R)

Tyler Campbell (R)


Pulaski County Council, Dist. 1:


Pulaski County Council, Dist. 2:

Douglas Roth (R)

Ronald "Rudy" Desabatine (R)


Pulaski County Council, Dist. 3:

Jessye Gilley (D)

Brian Young (R)

Linda Powers (D)


Pulaski County Council, Dist. 4:


Township Trustees:

Kay Beasey (R) - Salem 

Lorna K. Hoover (R) - Van Buren 

Betty L. Kruger (R) - Jefferson

Michelle Schmicker (R) - Monroe

Betty Stinemetz (R) - Harrison

Deloris Locke (R) - Rich Grove

Karen S. Wagner (R) - White Post

Martie White (D) - Tippecanoe

Christopher Hudson (D) - Cass


Township Advisory Boards:

Roscoe "Bud" Cummins (R) - Jefferson

Timothy Hoffa (R) - Monroe

Kelli Denton (D) - Tippecanoe

William "Bill" Bauer (D) - Tippecanoe

Patricia L. Tiede (R) - White Post

Tom Wallace (R) - Van Buren

Maurice Kopka (D) - Salem

Charles R. Yeoman (R) - Salem

David W. Bailey (R) - Van Buren

Kathleen (Kathi) Thompson - (D) - Van Buren

Steven Sommers (D) - Jefferson

Carl G. Kopka (D) - Jefferson

Richard Lee Brick (R) - White Post

Christopher Graves (R) - Harrison

Jeremy L. Beckner (R) - Monroe

Tedmund R. Bauer (R) - Tippecanoe

David Weaver (D) - Indian Creek

Marcia Link (D) - Monroe

Gregory Stone (R) - Salem

Alice L. Gudas (R) - Harrison


State Convention Delegate:

Daniel P. Murphy (R)

Doug Gutwein (R)

Brian Young (R)

Emily Hizer (R)


Francesvvile Town Clerk:

Cathy Elston (R)


Francesvvile Town Council:

Lynn Johns (R)

Pamela G. Antrim (R)

Rosa M. Wuethrich (R)


Winamac Town Council:

Alvin R. Parish (R)

Dan Vanaman (R)

Dave Schambers (D)


Filings from Indianapolis:


U.S. Senator

Mike Braun (R) - filed 1/31/2018

Luke Messer (R) - filed 1/31/2018

Joe Donnelly (D) - filed 2/1/2018

Todd Rokita (R) - filed 2/1/2018


U.S. Representative District 2

Mel Hall (D) - filed 1/18/2018

Roland E. Leech (D) - filed 1/18/2018

Pat Hackett (D) - filed 1/23/2018

Douglas Carpenter (D) - filed 1/25/2018

Yatish Joshi (D) - filed 1/25/2018 

Jackie Walorski (R) - filed 2/1/2018

Mark Summe (R) - filed 2/2/2018

John H. Petroff (D) - filed 2/9/2018


State Representative District 16

Douglas L. Gutwein (R) - filed 1/10/2018

Joshua Bolen (D) - filed 2/5/2018

Christina L Zacny (D) - filed 2/6/2018


Judge of the Pulaski Circuit Court, 59th Judicial Circuit 

Timothy J. Murray (R) - filed 1/12/2018

Mary C. Welker (R) - filed 1/19/2018


Judge of the Pulaski Superior Court, No. 3 

Crystal A. Brucker Kocher (R) - filed  1/18/2018


Prosecuting Attorney of Pulaski County, 59th Judicial Circuit

Daniel P. Murphy (R) - filed 1/22/2018