Community Foundation changes grant process
Wednesday, 07 February 2018 01:25

Now offering year-round grant opportunities

The Community Foundation of Pulaski County (CFPC) has announced that it will offer year-round grant opportunities starting this year. There will no longer be grant deadlines, so applicants may submit applications online at any time throughout the year.

This new grant process will allow proposals to be accepted on a continuous basis, without deadline, giving grant seekers the opportunity to apply when they wish as opposed to waiting for an annual grant cycle.

The mission of the Community Foundation of Pulaski County is to encourage the growth of permanent funds to serve and enrich our community today and tomorrow. By opening this window, the foundation will broaden its commitment to improve the quality of life in Pulaski County by funding community programs and projects on a year-round basis.

The Community Foundation offers several types of grants through an application process, including youth grants, field of interest grants and community grants to provide support to organizations throughout Pulaski County. This year, the foundation has also added two additional grant opportunities through sustainability and impact grants. Sustainability grants offer 501(c)(3) organizations the opportunity to create their own endowment funds in the Community Foundationwith a matching grant up to $5,000. Impact grants are for organizations seeking funds to support a large project in the range of $10,000 - $20,000. Grant making areas of interest include community development, education, and environment.

All CFPC grants shall serve Pulaski County and its communities. Past grant recipients should be aware that some changes to requirements and procedures have been made. Grant seekers should carefully review all grant guidelines and are encouraged to contact the CFPC office before submitting a proposal. Specific requirements pertaining to each type of grant are included on the individual applications and can be found on the foundation’s website.

To learn more about the Community Foundation of Pulaski County and its grant process, call 574-946- 0906 or visit